Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 88 of the manga seems to have references to Spider-Man: a new universe

Chapter 88 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga is available since yesterday, and in this we are introduced to Goten and Trunks as the protagonists of what will be a prequel arc of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“, the film that we were able to see in theaters this summer. It is to be expected that, at least for a few months, the narrative will be somewhat more relaxed than in recent times, and even It seems that Toriyama and Toyotaro have time to wink at… “Spider-Man: A New Universe”?

The Dragon Ball Super manga seems to have Miles Morales and Gwen Stacey as Goten’s classmates.

This is how he shared it recently @shamartTM In the following image that I leave you from chapter 88 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga:

We are going to comment this a little more calmly because I think it’s just fantastic:

  • To start, if you have not yet seen Spider-Man: a new universe, you can already see yourself with it. It is one of the best animated films of the last decade. 😍
  • Second, as can be seen Goten seems to have classmates who look a lot like Miles Morales and Gwen Stacey.. 🤔
  • Are these characters really from the Spider-Man universe? Well obviously not, but It is a curious wink. 😆
  • Even if someone could argue that it is just a coincidence with no wink in between, the truth is that the fact that this arc goes precisely teenage superheroes with hidden identities it makes everything much closer to the figure of Spider-Man and, in particular, of Miles Morales. 😯

No, the truth is that I do not expect in any way that these ‘companions’ of Goten are relevant to the plot of “Dragon Ball Super” nor that they will eventually reveal themselves as their own superheroes. In the end, it is clear that It is a simple plane of this arc principle that serves only to pay homage to the figure of Spider-Man. Despite this, it may not hurt to pay attention to these panels ‘random‘ In the coming months, we may find some more similar surprises.

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