Dragon Ball Super: how to read chapter 88 of the manga in Spanish and free online

The triumphant return of the manga of Dragon Ball Super it’s finally here, and you don’t have to be Japanese or look for an illegal method to enjoy chapter 88 right now, and if that weren’t enough, you can do it with reading fully translated into Latin Spanish. Oh, and also free, it should be said.

Sounds hard to believe but all this is possible thanks to Manga Plus, the free application available on Android and iOS that has a simultaneous premiere of your favorite sleeves, where it is obviously included Dragon Ball Super. If you want to be among the first to read the new adventures of Goten and Trunksthen we explain the simple process.

Download Manga Plus and create your free account

First things first: download Manga Plus, an app that you will find both on Android like in iOS completely free. The application weighs about 80 MBbut by constantly updating it, it gains weight, so you better have at least a little more space on your mobile device so you don’t struggle with this issue later.

Once installed, the next thing will be to make an account, a process that will not take you more than a couple of minutes, and it is also free. Once this is done, you can move on to the good stuff: search for your favorite series and read its most recent chapters of the manga with a simultaneous premiere in Japan, all from the comfort of your cell phone.

Add Dragon Ball Super to your favorites and start enjoying

Dragon Ball Super How To Read Chapter 88 Of The Manga In Spanish And Free Online3

Within the Manga Plus search engine, write the name “dragonball” to find Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, and access its tab. Once inside, you will see that you can add the series to your favorites; This is very important, because this way the application will notify you every time there is new material available to read.

If you prefer to skip this step, you can go down the tab Dragon Ball Super and you will see both the first three episodes of the manga and the last three, where the chapter 88 from the manga. Notably the most recent episodes have a rotation system that they are abandoning the oldest chapter of the third, that is, if you can now read episodes 86, 87 and 88, by the time 89 arrives, 86 will disappear to replace it, and so on.

That is all! Now you can check the antics of the children of Goku and Vegeta after having seen them in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but Manga Plus offers much more than this; if you are also a fan of one piecefor example, you will have the most recent episode of the manga at hand, along with many more series within the application’s catalog.