Dragon Ball Super is once again ‘the most read’ of MangaPlus on its return, although with an important ‘but’

The manga of “Dragon Ball Super” He officially returned to action this week at the hands of Goten and Trunks, but without forgetting that, obviously, the threat of Black Frieza is one that cannot and should not be forgotten. Obviously, taking into account that this arc does not is going to narrate anything ‘new’ for the part that takes place about 9 months before “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, there could be some doubt as to the interest it generated. Well then, at least in Spanish it is being a success.

The Dragon Ball Super manga once again makes its way little by little among the most widely read

This is currently the list of the most read Manga Plus manga translated into our languages:

As you can see, “Dragon Ball Super” is already again the most read of Manga Plus in terms of manga translated into Spanish, and that has before him some “Chainsaw Man” and “One Piece” who are in a state of brutal shape for their anime (an anime that still does not return for Goku and company). However, I have to say that at the English reading level, where the user base is palpably larger, the result is quite different.

then I leave you current results of Manga Plus if we take into account only the readers of speak english:

dragon ball super mangaplus english

As you can see, it is not only that “Dragon Ball Super” is not the most widely read manga of all that is in Manga Plus, but that is that it almost fell out of the top 10 of the platform. It must also be taken into account that in countries like the USA they have services like Viz Media that can also be accessed to read manga, but even so when “Dragon Ball Super” was in a regular post it was usual to see it at the top of this image.

It may be because the manga has just returned and many people haven’t heard about it, or because this Goten and Trunks arc simply doesn’t appeal to everyone in the same way. In any case, what is clear is that Although “Dragon Ball Super” is officially back, it should still settle downso these next few months will be important to recover the audience.

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