Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is left out of Japan’s highest-grossing movies in 2022; is it officially a failure?

It seems hard to think that “dragonball“can release a movie in theaters after YEARS with absolutely no anime (no, Super Heroes doesn’t count) and yet the public response is closer to failure than not genuine interest. It seems difficult, close to impossible, right? Well, as surprising as it may seem, that is exactly what happened in the end in Japan with what was the premiere of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero crashes at the Japanese box office in 2022

Indeed, we now have the 2022 japanese box office resultsand the truth is that they are not positive for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (via ANN):

  • To begin, the data that seems to me most representative of why this conversation: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It is not present in the NATIONAL top 10 of films that have been released in theaters in Japan. 😨
  • I want to emphasize because if it has already been incapable of surpassing feature films like Chinmoku no Parade or Confidence Man JP Eiyūhen (which in effect I quote because I have no idea what they are), if one also takes into account the presence of films like Top Gun: Maverick or Jurassi World Dominion realizes that, little by little, All of this leaves Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero squarely out of the top 20 at the Japanese box office in 2022.. 😱
  • Obviously, the data in Japan of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero make it the worst franchise opening on record in the entire past decade, being behind films like the Battle of the Gods or The Resurrection of Frieza (for me both are much inferior). 🥶

On the other hand, if one starts to review internationallyyou will see that the film has been better received in other territories:

With Toei having recognized that the production cost of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” was higher than that of a purely 2D movie, they are lucky that the West has responded to the call, because if it were up to the Japanese public, the balance would surely be quite negative. In any case, we will have to see how Toei responds to what it is clearly a national failure in future iterations of the franchise.

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