Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: Many TOEI members were against CGI at first

Many times, if you don’t take risks, you don’t win anything, and even if you fail in the process, it will serve to clear up your doubts and learn for the next occasion. Surely this is the mentality that raised TOEI in order to produceDragon Ball Super: Super Hero” What a movie entirely in CGIbecause of course there didn’t seem to be many company members excited with the idea. Well, at least that’s how one of the statements from Norihiro Hayashidaproducer precisely of the film in question.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero did not have it easy to be a CGI movie

Then I leave you with the translation of some words published by the Shueisha a few days ago about the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (via DBSHype):

  • First of all, Hayashida-san already comments that there was a lot of opposition within TOEI Animation when proposing that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero be a CGI movie. 🤬
  • Apparently they were several members with greater decision-making weight Those within the company who supported the proposal, so it is understood that it was mainly the animators who did not fully agree with the direction of the project. 🤘
  • It was thus that the first pilot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero began to work in June 2014, and they ended up creating up to 4 different pilots. Likewise, the first showing of the film was given in 2016, and it was not until the pilot was reached by the hand of Tetsuro Kodama that Akira Toriyama gave the okay to all of this. 😮
  • You have to remember that chikashi kubotathe animation director of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, already stated at the time that he was scared to know that the film was going to be in CGI. Again, reinforcing the idea that it was mostly the animation team that didn’t quite buy the project. 🙄

I would be surprised if there is another “Dragon Ball” project fully animated using CGI technology again in the future., basically because not only was the idea difficult to digest among the fans but it seems that internally as well. While ultimately that’s a section that I think worked perfectly, it doesn’t strike me as a direction that absolutely no one wants the franchise to move in.

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