Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero paid tribute to One Piece and no one noticed

It seems that Akira Toriyama admires Eiichiro Oda’s work…

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been released in Mexico and Latin America with unprecedented success. According to the AnimeTrendsLA Twitter account, specialized in anime metrics in Mexico and Latin America, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero swept the box office in the countries where it was released. It is, after all, a work made with love for the fandom and with nods to other works such as One Piece.

In a tweet shared by the Johnny Lockson account, a detail is pointed out that could have gone unnoticed by a large amount of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fandom, Krillin has the theme song We are from One Piece as a call alert for your mobile phone.

The importance of this topic is such that, to celebrate the 1,000th episode of One Piece in Crunchyrollwas used as a tribute. In this “new entry topic”, we had the presenter’s introduction back in which he tells us the legend of Gol D. Roger, the king of pirates, who left behind the legend of One Piece, his great treasure, before he died. Although, unlike the first opening that we met, here we see the epic entrance of Roronoa Zoro and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

In fact, the account of Arya’s Twitter compared both versions one by one achieving an interesting result in which we can see how the story of Luffy and Company has progressed throughout history (as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has):

This film was in the first places in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, etc. However, it should be noted that two Latin American countries took most of the profits from their exhibition. Only Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Mexico had a total earnings around $4,244,000.00 USD, making it one of the biggest box office hits of 2022.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premieres in Spain

The Toei Animation production opened in Japan through the Toei Company on June 11 and has generated $18.1 million there to date. Including Japan, the global total is $50.2 million. The new film is one of four that have so far enjoyed direct involvement from Akira Toriyama: he wrote the script and is also credited as creator. Super Hero follows recurring characters Piccolo and his former student Gohan on a mission to save the world from the Red Patrol Army..

The key markets that have not yet been launched for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are Germany (August 30), Spain (September 2), South Korea (September 15), Italy (September 29) and France (October 5). So the success of this work is yet to be seen in its entirety.