Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was much more expensive to produce than a 2D movie

‘”Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“was a CGI movie so that Toei could save money‘ It is a narrative that had a lot of presence for months in the fandom from “dragonball“. To some extent they are not entirely wrong, since it is now known that certain resources developed for the feature film may be reused in future productions, but I am convinced that more than one will be surprised to learn that, in reality, First of all, it is a much more expensive production than usual.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was a significant financial investment for TOEI

This is what he has revealed Norihiro Hayashidaproducer precisely of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, in a recent interview regarding the film in question (via DBSChronicles):

  • Basically, during an interview a few days ago, Hayashida-san admitted that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero featured a much higher production cost than a movie made entirely in 2D. 😱
  • Does this imply that it is the most expensive feature film to produce in all of Dragon Ball history? It is not something that has been said, and considering that ‘Broly’ combined elements of both technologies, it is possible that this one continued to cost more to produce (in any case, there is no specific data for Super Hero). 🤔
  • Obviously, making a production with bad CGI is cheaper and more profitable than a bad 2D production, but this was not the case with Super Hero, because the 3D animation they used was one that had clearly required a lot of work by their animators. 🥳
  • The latter is demonstrated in things like the first pilot of the film began work in 2014, which implies that TOEI was slowly developing Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for approximately 8 years. 😮

According to what is listed in the Wikipedia entry about the production costs of the “Dragon Ball” movies, ‘Broly’ had a budget of 8.5 million dollarswhile the ‘Resurrection of Frieza’ did the same with 5 million. If I had to bet, I would say that ‘Super Hero’ is surely hovering around the 8.5 of ‘Broly’ according to Hayashida-san’s statements, although the reality is that this data is still completely unknown today.