Dragon Ball: This is Shallet, the first official fusion between Super Saiyan Gods of the franchise

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile video game that has been active for a few years now, and in this one you can find an original protagonist named ‘Shallot‘. This Shallot belongs to the lore of the ancient Saiyans of “Dragon Ball” and it is eventually discovered that he even has a twin brother named Gibletboth being able to transform into super saiyan god. Now, it has finally been presented the anticipated merger of bothwhich is called ‘shallet‘.

Shallet is already part of Dragon Ball Legends, the mobile video game

So that there are no doubts, this Shallet as well as the story of Dragon Ball Legends itself is not canon content of the franchise, that is, They do not exist within the framework of Goku’s history and company. However, they do expand the universe in an interesting way, so I’ll leave you with a gameplay so you can see what this Shallet looks like in action (via @BlueNovaYT2):

And in case there are doubts about the character, we I comment the 4 things What you should keep in mind about it:

  • To begin with, it must be said that those who want to try Shallet with their own hands will have to play the main story from Dragon Ball Legends. Apparently, for now the character is not available for users to use later (something that had not happened with Shallot’s transformations and that is somewhat strange). ๐Ÿค”
  • Second, this is really the first fusion into Super Saiyan God that we see in all of Dragon Ball. In the end, both Gogeta and Vegito end up automatically jumping to Super Saiyan Blue, so of course this decision is the least interesting. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • In third and last place, although in relation to the first point, At the moment Dragon Ball Legends has not communicated if players will be able to acquire this fusion for free, as has been the case with Shallot to date, or if they will have to participate in a paid summon (which would be quite irritable). ๐Ÿ˜จ
Clean image of Shallet, via DBSHype

As you can see, it is also curious that apparently all the fusions made through the dance end up giving the fusion what seems to always be the same outfit. Although I would say there is no official comment on this, there must be some internal explanation going through Akira Toriyama’s head as to why this works like this in the “Dragon Ball” universe. I, for one, am glad that Super Saiyan God is given a little more love, a transformation that I feel went too quickly.

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