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Dragon Ball Y One Piece They are two of the great jewels of Toei Animation and two of the most relevant series in the anime and entertainment industry, which is why it is not surprising that some fans decide to make surprising crossovers between the characters of both works, such as the case of the next fusion between Trunks and Zoro thanks to the Potara earrings, and of course, the immeasurable talent and imagination of an artist.

The illustration is the work of the artist known as @chry_insi_art, who has shared through his Twitter account the spectacular combination between the Saiyan and the legendary Straw Hat pirate.

As we can see, the hair is a combination of both characters, ranging between Trunks’ gray and Zoro’s green, detail that even remains on the face with the eyebrows. In the same way, we can see Zoro’s three inseparable swords in this character and a Capsule Corporation sweatshirt that ends up rounding out this fanart.

The artist himself implies that this fusion between Zoro and Trunks would be thanks to the Potara Earrings, thus creating the definitive swordsman of the anime. And it is that more than one villain starts to tremble just thinking about the combination of powers of these two warriors.

On the other hand, details such as the scar on his chest and the attitude and neatness that this character shows in his conception lead him to become one of the most impressive crossovers between Toriyama’s work and Oda’s.

What did you think of this fusion between Trunks from Dragon Ball and Zoro from One Piece?

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