Dragon Ball x One Piece: This legendary crossover was only broadcast in Japan!

news culture Dragon Ball x One Piece: This legendary crossover was only broadcast in Japan!

Impossible to talk about Japanese manga without mentioning One Piece or Dragon Ball. Both works are giants of shônen, a genre of manga intended for young boys. Fights, determination and self-surpassing are recurring themes that are evoked through the two heroes of these mangas: Luffy and Son Goku… who have already shared the time of an episode on the small screen.


  • One Piece bigger than Dragon Ball?
  • When Luffy and San Goku clash over meat

One Piece bigger than Dragon Ball?

No need to present them: One Piece and Dragon Ball have been, since the early 2000s, manga references all over the world. Slight advantage for One Piece, with its 490 million copies sold (2021 figures). Even in France, Dragon Ball takes second place since it sold “only” 26 million copies against 29.6 million for One Piece.

An indirect confrontation that takes place on all fronts: since the domination of these manga, their communities debate who would win between the two heroes if a battle took place. Son Goku the super warrior or Luffy the rubber man? Impossible to say until the men make their fists talk officially and won’t happen anytime soon… Even if we can weigh in the balance a cross-over published only in Japan in 2013.

When Luffy and San Goku clash over meat

That year, a 48-minute episode was released on the archipelago called Dragon Ball ZX Toriko X One Piece. This OVA (Original Anime Video) puts to the test one of the passions of the three protagonists: food. The International Gourmet Organization organizes a competition for the biggest meat eater. And inevitably it arouses the curiosity of Luffy and San Goku but also of Toriko: a cook (hero of the eponymous manga) in search of the perfect ingredient. He takes part in the tournament to get his hands on the reward offered to the big winner: a leg of divine meat. And while it’s considered an official episode (the 590th), it’s not offered on DNA for its non-canon character. In any case, this crossover features the combat techniques of Luffy and Sony Goku which will not avoid fueling a debate of more than 20 years: who is the strongest?

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Eichiiro Oda, the author of One Piece, has collaborated with Akira Toriyama (author of Dragon Ball): in 2006, they released a manga titled Cross Epoch in which San Goku’s friends meet Luffy’s crew. Why ? Mr. Satan has suddenly become the king of a country. Unfortunately, it is not published distributed in France: characters from different series are present in the work, which makes contractual work and the distribution of rights more difficult.

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