Dragon was a vice admiral who trained with Akainu!

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Dragon was an ex-marine

We know from the Dragon Life Card that the Revolutionary Army was formed between Roger’s death and Luffy’s birth. That is to say between 24 and 19 years old. Knowing that he is now 55, that means he wasn’t a revolutionary until he was 31-36.

His Vivre card also hints at a possible secret about his past, and that at some point in his life he realized how rotten the world really was and convinced himself that it was his duty to change the world. world to make it better.

This leaves us with a gap between his majority and his 31-36 years. Sure, he could have been a simple postman, but a Marine makes a lot more sense for a story like his. We’ve seen similar stories of marines leaving the military in the past, like with Kuzan or Zephyr.

We believe that Dragon joined the Marines and was part of it until a certain incident happened between the ages of 24 and 19. Then he left and formed the revolutionary army.

His relationship with the Admirals

If we analyze Marineford, we can see that Akainu never calls Luffy by name, but always refers to him as Dragon’s son. This is all the more remarkable in that it does so even before Segonku makes the official announcement.

When Sengoku shares her, the warlords, vice admirals, and pirates all look surprised. Also, Garp mentions that it’s not worth hiding anymore. Presumably the admirals knew about it due to their rank, but it’s still an important detail that Akainu already knew.

Both Sakazuki and Dragon are the same age, 55. We know that Akainu and Kizaru joined the marines 32 years ago, which gives them a period of 9-13 years to interact with Dragon. If they all reached the rank of vice admiral, it is very likely that they worked together on several occasions.

Turning to Chinese mythology, we realized that admirals are based on the four seas and the various dragons in Feng Shui (as well as the tale Momotarō).

The cardinal directions of these four seas are determined by the landmark stars of known mega-constellations under the name of the Four Celestial Animals. Here are some details about them and their dragon counterparts:

Azure Dragon (East): Blue and green, associated with birds, wood and growth. He represented Aokiji (blue pheasant) and later Ryokugyu (green bull).

Vermilion Bird (South): Associated with fire, summer and the color red, as well as luck and fortune. It would be Akainu (red dog).

White Tiger (West): Purity, virtue, mourning and death. We think it’s Fujitora (wisteria tiger), and that he went blind after the death of a relative.

Black Turtle (North): Associated with revenge, and often tied to water-based disasters like floods and storms. It would make you think of Dragon.

Yellow dragon (center): Represents royalty and the emperor, as well as authority, fortune and wisdom. That would be Kizaru (Yellow Monkey).

Dragon was not just a Marine, but a high-ranking Marine. He was a vice admiral along with Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru and was destined to become an admiral.

The Ohara Incident

We know that something happened between 24 and 19 years ago that caused Dragon to form the Revolutionary Army. As his Life card indicates, he realized how rotten the world was.

We know the Ohara incident happened 22 years ago and that five vice admirals were involved, of which we only saw the faces of two of them: Kuzan and Sakazuki. The other three remain unknown.

Knowing how badly it impacted everyone present, we think it was a big enough incident for Dragon to resign from the Marines and found the Revolutionary Army. The world was rotten and he had to change it.

Dragon is an ex-marine. He was a vice admiral who trained with Sazakuki and he participated in the distress call to Ohara. After the incident, he resigned from the Marines and formed the Revolutionary Army.