Dragon would not be the son of Monkey D. Garp?

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Rocks D. Xebec’s recent appearance in Chapter 1001 made us think about the similarities between him and Monkey D. Dragon in terms of appearance and role.


Dragon and Xebec both have spiky, slicked back hair, a similar face shape with a large forehead, and they like large coats with collars. Without looking closely at Xebec’s face, the only thing that really sets them apart is hair texture.

They both directly oppose the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Roger and Garp teamed up “to protect the Celestial Dragons and their slaves”, so Rocks was attacking God Valley directly the same way Dragon plotted to attack Mary Geoise and declare war on the Celestial Dragons at Reverie.

They share very similar methods, only their end goal is different. Rocks wanted to destroy them to take their place, Dragon wants to destroy them and the system in general with them.

Rocks was the most dangerous criminal of his time as a pirate and Dragon is “the world’s worst criminal” of that time.

What if Dragon was actually Xebec’s son? He would have been 17 in God Valley, the same age as Luffy when he started his adventure. The Marines would never have let him enlist, if he really was Xebec’s son. The admirals would never have allowed it, let alone the Gorosei in charge. But what if he had just married Garp’s daughter?

In an old theory, a fan believed that Dragon was actually Garp’s son-in-law, because Garp never directly referred to Dragon as his son, calling Luffy “my child’s child” (not the my son’s son, the specific wording is used) or only calling Dragon “Luffy’s father”.

Also, Dragon looks nothing like Garp, while Garp as a child looks like Luffy.

child luffy

The daughter of a famous Marine hero certainly has a higher social status than the son of the world’s worst criminal. Dragon probably joined the Marines at some point (hiding his full name of course), presumably after Xebec’s death, and trained under Garp, the man who helped bring down his father. Dragon became close to his master, fell in love with his daughter, and took their name, rejecting his father’s.

Something must have happened next to cause Dragon to revolt against the World Government, much like Xebec, though his cause was more just.

Rocks D. Xebec AND Monkey D. Garp are both Luffy’s grandfathers

This may be the ultimate secret why Woop Slap is the only person to be outraged at Luffy’s increased bounty and infamy, why he never wanted Luffy to become a pirate , and why he gets upset when Luffy makes an enemy of the World Government. He knows about Garp, Dragon, Luffy, Dadan, Makino, Shanks, Ace, Roger, and all of their history. Either way. Maybe he’s just one of the few people who knows the world well enough to see the second rise of the Rocks from a different perspective.

Why would Luffy’s “destiny” be to become a pirate?

Woop Slap asks a real question. Luffy’s father is a revolutionary. His grandfather is a Marine hero. Luffy shares Roger’s will, but no one knew at the time, and the dream he shared with Roger is something only he, Sabo, and Ace knew. Nothing in Luffy’s life or past indicates that he might become a pirate, except that Shanks is his friend. But why should such an insignificant thing be part of fate? What could make Woop Slap worry about Luffy’s future as a pirate if no one in his entire family is a pirate?

wooclap and luffy

If Luffy is Dragon’s real son, but Dragon isn’t Garp’s son but Xebec’s son, that might explain why Woop was so opposed to Luffy becoming a pirate and thought he would bring shame to the village of Foosha. If Luffy’s grandfather was Rocks D. Xebec, the world’s most fearsome piratesomeone so evil he had to be erased from history and only a few older generation know his name, so it makes perfect sense that Woop Slap would be the one to get pissed off whenever his bounty increases, each time his name becomes more famous, each time he becomes an enemy of the world government.

This would also add another parallel to the mirror match’s growing conflict with Blackbeard, since Teach is clearly the one who inherits Xebec’s will, not Luffy, though Luffy may have inherited his blood.