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The video game industry is getting bigger and more successful, so more companies outside the sector want to have a presence in it. Shūeisha, one of the largest and most important manga publishers, is preparing to enter the market fully.

This will be possible thanks to Shūeisha Games, its new division specialized in the distribution of games that complements other of its projects linked to the development of titles. In addition to creating new projects, one of its goals is to bring together creatives from both industries to offer unique experiences to players.

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Shūeisha Games will enter the industry with several projects

In case you don’t know, Shūeisha is the publisher in charge of publishing the manga of popular franchises, such as dragon ball, one piece, bleach, Saint Seiya, demon slayer, among many other sagas. So, he is quite a giant in his sector.

According to the details, Shūeisha Games will work to develop unique titles and bring them to global audiences. At the same time, it will support new talent with the full support of its publishing division and its game distribution department.

Shūeisha Games confirmed that the first 4 games to be released under their label are ONI, ukiyo, The Tower of Children and Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions!

In addition to supporting small projects, the company already plans at least 2 large-scale games. One of them is in charge of a major studio outside of Japan that has not been disclosed. We know that you are working on a mobile game that will feature characters designed by a famous mangaka who regularly collaborates on Weekly Shonen Jump.

On the other hand, the second project will be developed by a major Japanese studio and will be distributed by another leading company in the region. The project is described for now as a multiplayer title with a competitive focus.

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As we learn more about the games in this initiative, we invite you to visit this link to learn more about our manga and anime coverage.

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