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One Piece is one of the most popular manga in history. With more than two decades of publication and the promise of an ending that, if anything, still seems very, very, very far away. The hope of many is finally to reach the conclusion of this long journey, in which Luffy and company have crossed the world with the goal of finding One Piece: the treasure of the king of pirates.

Of course, the question of many is what the One Piece really is. Some have claimed that it is an object to change the world order (something that history points to as well, considering what we have seen in the most recent arcs). However, there is always the fear that the answer is something more … symbolic such as “the friends we made on the road” or “the adventures we live.”

Oda, for a long time, has cleared these doubts by ensuring that the ending he has planned for One Piece does not fall into these clichés. Something that has been confirmed again when Mayumi Tanaka, the 66-year-old actress who voices Luffy in the series, assured that, although Oda has not revealed what the end of the manga will be, at least she has confirmed that it is. of something real. Here is a translation of the conversation published by Orojapan.

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“He also said that he doesn’t know how the story will end and wants to live to the last episode. Regarding the OP, he thought that (the ending) was something related to friends or ties. But Oda said, “It’s not that! The OP is real! ” So she will look at the end of the OP to find out what the OP is.

Regarding the first comment, Tanaka is 66 years old and, although she is still active in all the anime projects, the truth is that One Piece does not seem to end very soon, with estimates that there are about seven or eight years to go before it. I finished. Of course, it would be ideal if the actress could accompany the project to the end.

Of course, Oda has been indicating that the play is nearing its ‘end’… with no indication that we are even close to the final destination. The most recent arc, Wano, has spanned two years now (and may end near the first half of 2022, early). Not only this, but any dedicated fan of One Piece will know that the story still contains a significant number of secrets or stories that have not been resolved.

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