Eiichiro Oda already revealed the inspiration behind the devil fruits in One Piece – Nintenderos

We are already in the final saga of one piece and that is synonymous with great news. This last week, the hottest topic has been that of devil fruits. All the information that the Dr Vegapunk is providing the main plot is one of the most important in all of history. Due to this, a small fragment of an interview with Eiichiro Oda in 2014 that went more unnoticed in its day. It is thanks to the disseminator Arthur that has regained a lot of strength in social networks. In this interview conducted in Chinese Times 2014the author states that his concept of devil fruit is based on breaking the limitations that people have on a daily basis.

Eiichiro Oda explains that the work of Doraemon He had a great influence when it came to creating these wonderful fruits that have become one of the most important cores in all of One Piece. In parallel with Doraemon, we can see that in One Piece the fruits act as the gadgets that the cosmic cat provides to Nobita to overcome the difficulties and problems of certain situations and, in this way, be more efficient.

One of the most important examples is when Eiichiro Oda himself was asked about his favorite fruit. He replied that he would like to have the fruit of Nico Robin so you can use multiple hands and get your work done faster while meeting deadlines. Otherwise, he also revealed that the idea of ​​the “Gomu Gomu” fruit from Monkey D Luffy it comes from his own vagueness. It could reach any type of object while working, without having to move thanks to some elastic extremities like rubber.

He also comments that his inspiration usually comes from characteristic situations of everyday life. For example, the fruits of the female characters are inspired by the daily wishes of the girls. The “Sube Sube” fruit of Alvida grant that its skin can repel all kinds of attacks. It also gives it an imposing beauty. Eiichiro Oda based this inspiration on the number of girls who want to have flawless skin and a desired physique. Same with miss valentinewho thanks to the fruit “Kilo Kilo” can change his weight at will.

It is magical to think that behind each devil fruit in One Piece there is a difficulty to be overcome and a particular utility in the work.