Eiichiro Oda creates fun One Piece and Pokémon GO crossover

If it is about mangakas, without a doubt Eiichiro Oda is a recurring name, especially since the creator of one piecehas been characterized by his dedication to work and demanding results, but like everyone else, he has his leisure time and as a result he has given us some fun crossover versions, which are not only unexpected, but also make his fans happy.

And it is that, who else would risk for Pokémon, but this artist who is a great fan of the franchise for a long time, and who has shown his love for Pokémon a good number of times, and who clearly rekindled his passion, when pokemon go hit the market, and now, Oda has gifted us with a special art from the mobile game, all thanks to a stop from One Piece, which served as his inspiration.

It all kicked into high gear recently when Oda’s hometown celebrated One Piece with a new statue, where the province debuted a new life-size statue of the straw hatsand this one took Jinbe to the streets, following up with other characters like Zoro and Luffy and of course this statue is marked as a Pokémon Go stop in the game.

This is obviously a dream come true for Oda, and he offered to give away a Pokémon Go sketch, so that anyone who goes to the stop in Kumamoto Prefecture will be able to see the artwork for themselves, it’s a sketch to color of Jinbe to encourage players to visit the stop, and the new Straw Hat member looks delighted in his special sketch.

So there’s no doubt that Oda and his fans will take the time to visit this stop as he handles the final act of the manga, but little can come between him and Pokémon Go, yet Oda talks about his daily moves. of and has even made exchanges with other manga creators like Kohei Horikoshi, an obsession.