Eiichiro Oda, creator of “One Piece”, called the modern shonen of being too serious

If we talk about legendary works in the field of manga and anime, without a doubt we must mention the great work “One Piece”, created by Eiichiro Oda.

Precisely, the mangaka is the protagonist of this news, since in an interview given in the company of Gosho Aoyama, creator of “Detective Conan”, he revealed his vision regarding the current shonen genre, which he called too serious.

What did Eiichiro Oda of “One Piece” say about the current shonen?

In the first place, it must be emphasized that “shonen” is a manga/anime genre that literally means “young”, and is mainly focused on a younger and more masculine audience, which does not mean that it cannot be read by others. Ex: “Dragon Ball”.

Now, understanding that, we will leave you with the statements of the mangaka, who assured that he is intentionally working so that his work does not become “serious”, like many others of the same genre.

“I drew that (a key moment from the last season) because I really wanted it to be fun, I don’t care if people like it. I just wanted to play around with my battles,” she began by saying.

“Ever since I was an assistant, I have felt that goofy expressions were very characteristic in manga and it has gradually been lost. Putting a spotlight on characters’ heads when they have a brilliant idea, or spinning their legs when they run, for example,” he added.

«I have always loved those symbolic expressions, but they are disappearing. No one draws them anymore even though the creations of our predecessors also left many formulas that we continue to use. The battle between manga keeps getting more and more serious to keep viewers guessing and I honestly hate that.” Etc.

“I definitely don’t want it to become a serious manga like that. I want and I’m determined to make it fun, and I feel like I’m finally able to do it. When I draw, I have fun”, emphasized the creator of “One Piece”.