Eiichiro Oda reveals the nationality of the characters of One Piece… and there is a Frenchman

The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, revealed that she will be the nationality of the Straw Hat Pirates. One of them is even French!

Oda’s credentials for writing One Piece

To create One Piece, Eiichiro oda was inspired by many elements. Whether it is Greek mythology, Norse, ancient Inca and Mayan civilizations or the famous ancient pirates who populated the seas and oceans centuries ago. Inevitably, the mangaka has planned everything on his characters.

In various interviews during his long career, the one who is considered to be the richest in his field has revealed many fun facts about the members of the straw hat crew. Like for example their favorite food, their profession if they had not become pirates or their nationality, if they were living in our time.

What are the nationalities of the Mugiwaras

What makes the strength of One Piece, these are the themes addressed in the work, but also the diversity of characters present, all different, with very distinct characteristics. In the Shitsumon wo Boshu Suru 56 (SBS), Oda answered a fan’s question asking him what the nationality of the companions of Monkey D. Luffy if they lived in our world. The Kumamoto native then gave his answer.

Luffy, the main character would be a Brazilian. His second Roronoa Zoro would he be a local, a Japanese. Nami would come from Sweden, Usopp from South Africa, Chopper, necessarily from a cold country, Canada. Robin would have Russian nationality, while Brook, the musician of the crew, would pay homage to Mozart by being Austrian. Franky, the band’s showman is an American. There is even a Frenchman in the lot! Sanji Vinsmoke, the best cook of Est Blue honors French gastronomy and proudly wears the colors of our country! That way, it’s clear, we know a little better the way Oda proceeds to design his characters.