Eiichirō Oda worried about the Netflix adaptation of One Piece, the mangaka intervenes

The higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment. Netflix’s One Piece series multiplies the controversies and struggles to hyper the fans, forcing Eiichirō Oda to intervene.

The One Piece series, a disaster to come?

Considered one of the most influential manga authors in the world, Eiichirō Oda continues to fascinate his fans with the epic adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew… Who are obviously not about to stop, according to the recent words of the mangaka held during Jump Festa 2022.

In addition to giving us crisp information on the sequel to the manga, Eiichirō Oda, whose appearances and speaking engagements are particularly rare, also spoke about the live-action series on which Netflix is ​​currently working. An adaptation which is already a source of controversy, and which obviously also worries the famous mangaka.

Eiichirō Oda fixes scripts and takes over series helm

Adaptation One Piece of Netflix may have a colossal budget, certainly one of the biggest ever observed for a project of this kind, the fans seem quite skeptical in view of the first elements communicated by the streaming platform. Censorship, disappointing cast…we feel the sinking coming, and Eiichirō Oda too.

To avoid disaster, it would seem that the mangaka intervened in the filming to allow an adaptation faithful to his work, or at least, his author’s vision. With Oda at the helm, can we expect a quality series? His new statements have something to reassure fans:

The Hollywood live-action is in production! We’re currently working on the first drafts of Season 1. There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but I was the most worried during the process…but it’s really awesome!

Although a lot of mystery still persists on the content of the series, we know that Netflix has already signed for ten episodes of one hour each. The series should adapt the first 100 chapters of One Piecewhich corresponds to 50 episodes in the anime.

The final episode should end with the Logue Town archwith the appearance of one of the most mysterious characters of the work, Monkey D. Dragon, the father of the hero of shōnen and leader of the revolutionary army.