Eiichiro Oda’s revelations about the One Piece mystery

It’s been more than twenty years that Monkey D. Luffy and his crew live extraordinary adventures. They and a large number of pirates are trying to get their hands on the fabulous treasure left by Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King.

Credits: Toei Animation

This treasure known as the “One Piece“, arouses the greed of the whole world and despite everything, nobody is able to say what really is the One Piece.

The enigma still intact

Since the beginning of the manga, the famous treasure discovered by the Pirate King has always been at the center of the story. Pirates from all over the world sail the oceans in search of One Piece. But although the years go by, there is no telling what this treasure looks like.

On the other hand, a flashback on Gol D. Roger returns to the moment when he discovered One Piece. We could see Roger, in the company of his crew except for Buggy and Shanks who had their eyes riveted on the famous treasure. Of course, they were the only ones who could contemplate it and their reaction was quite surprising. They all burst out laughing. Despite this anecdote, nothing seems to indicate what One Piece really is.

The mangaka’s secrets

On the birthday of Iwasaki Yuji, one of the One Piece manga editors, Eiichiro Oda would have revealed to him the secret behind the coveted treasure. The publisher in question mentioned this anecdote during an interview without revealing its content. He just shared his feelings at the time and during the interview, Iwasaki simply said that it was “an incredible moment”.

Apart from this detail, other questions were asked about the evolution of One Piece. One of the questions had to do with the next pirate to join the Straw Hat crew. But the publisher hasn’t dropped anything on this either. In the end, if you intend to learn more about One Piece, the only thing to do is to always be as diligent with each chapter release.

The battle against Kaido

Since the events of Dressrosa with Doflamingo, Luffy and his crew find themselves embroiled in a new conflict. With the Wano arc, they face Kaido, one of the Four Emperors and as if that weren’t enough, Big Mom joins their enemy. You could tell they’re in real trouble.

With all these conflicts, the Straw Hat crew doesn’t really have time to worry about the One Piece quest. However, if Luffy manages to get rid of Kaido, he can go back to sea and continue his journey to discover the famous treasure. But before he can get his hands on the One Piece, he will still have to face countless enemies.

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