Elden Ring and One Piece, the spectacular mod we needed

Elden Ring It is for many the great candidate to get this 2022 the award for best video game of the year. A title of FromSoftware that has made history and stands out for its enormous quality and depth, and even though the months go by, the title continues to surprise us. Behind him, a huge community, and this one is capable of mods that leave us as impressed as this one, in which the world of one piece arrives at Middle Lands.

An amateur has been able to mix both worlds, bringing some of the most mythical characters from one piece a Elden Ring like bosses. For now Kaido, Shanks and Whitebeard They are the ones shown in the video, but the acceptance is such that it should not be ruled out that many more confrontations and characters will arrive in the future.

Elden Ring, an almost infinite game

The magnum opus of FromSoftware, a game that came to dominate everyone. The formula soulslike taken to the extreme, to perfection, and a good proof of this is the overwhelming success among critics and audiences, which has boosted the sales of a title that is already historic on all levels. A video game that is practically infinite, in which we can lose ourselves for hundreds of hours, even thousands, and continue discovering new possibilities, and a good example of this are crazy things like build of Sonic that we have shown.

We don’t know what the future holds Hidetaka Miyazakiit will be difficult to return to the height of Elden Ring within the so-called genre soulslike, but the history of his company is long and dilated. Numerous historical franchises, along with new ideas that will surely come up again. FromSoftware is today one of the most prestigious companies in the video game industry.