Elden Ring has a cool One Piece mod, play as Luffy in FromSoftware’s play

Who was going to say it? Elden Ring Y one piece come together with this mod for pc. Also playable on Steam Deckin the game of FromSoftware now you can be the Pirate king… in the Middle Lands.

Now that the live action series based on the manganime will get to netflix and with the recent release of One Piece Film Redit is obvious that new fan-made content is coming to the game.

And one of them is that of the modder MrMorritos3D, who has decided to publish his incredible mod that unites both fantasy worlds into one; even is Monkey D. Luffy as a playable character.


One Piece Odyssey Impressions

In essence what it does is exchange characters between worlds, many Soulslike bosses and characters become villains and secondary of One Piece.

That’s why I gave him starring Luffy as the Lightless in the game it makes more sense to everything, since in the end (more now in the manga) it has a lot of weight in the story.

Who would have thought that One Piece and the Elden Ring would come together?

Before going into the details of what changes this mod for elden ringremember that the new One Piece Odyssey is about to be released in PS5,PS4, Xbox Series X|S and computers.

This has been the ultimate game trailer before its launch, although you can also see its gameplay in alabasta and even in Water 7.

Now yes, what characters from both universes are exchanged with each other? Take a look at the details so you don’t miss anything:

  • Kizaru as Margitt/Morgott
  • Akainu as Godrick
  • Kurohige is the Noble Sacroderm
  • Doffy is the Sacroderm Apostle
  • Boa Hancock isRennala
  • Lucci is Maliketh
  • Oars is the Fire Giant
  • Magellan is Mogh
  • Gol D.Roger is Radagon
  • Reyleigh is Melina
  • Marines are Godrick’s soldiers

Any one piece fan -manga or anime- who prides himself and likes play elden ring on pc you should have this mod or at least see it in action.

you can get here and there are several more screenshots with all the character changes. But if what is needed is to see it in motion, then this video it’s the solution.

It is quite clear that the Elden Ring mod with One Piece material It’s going to be seen as cool by manganime fans, isn’t it?