Elden Ring One Piece: Shanks, Whitebeard… iconic characters transformed into bosses for a breathtaking result!

Game News Elden Ring One Piece: Shanks, Whitebeard… iconic characters transformed into bosses for a breathtaking result!

One Piece in the Elden Ring universe, what would it look like? A fan modder asked himself the question, and decided to replace certain bosses with iconic characters from the manga.


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Elden Ring: cosmetic mods

Released on February 25, Elden Ring has already been the subject of the creators’ whim via mods: unofficial content to download to change your gaming experience. Some allow, for example, to provide certain functions, or quite simply to make the title more ergonomic: pause the game, improve the multiplayer mode or even be able to play in 21:9 with an unlocked frame rate per second (which can therefore go above 60 FPS).

On the other hand, some mods are also created to disguise (literally) certain inhabitants of the Underworld. We have already seen examples of players recovering the fragments of Elden as Homer Simpson, Darth Maul, Harry Potter or even Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. “Disguises” that can also apply to bosses: who doesn’t remember Agheel the Flying Dragon who had taken on the frightening appearance of Thomas the Train? Disguising the bosses appeals to modders, and obviously it is not ready to stop.

Elden Ring X One Piece

Evidenced by the mod that exploded on Twitter this weekend: in two days, it has accumulated almost 5 million views. We are obviously talking about a mod Yonkouwhich replaces three Elden Ring bosses with the appearance of three well-known pirates from One Piece : Shanks, Kaido and Whitebeard. It is a work of @Arestame_Arkeid who published his result on Twitter:

Three Emperors are coming soon to the Underworld! Soon Whitebeard, Kaidou & Shanks will also be available in Nexusmods. Thanks to @ChusoMMontero for giving me the idea on stream.

A rather breathtaking result, which manage to give the same feeling of power as the manga does. Whitebeard took on the features of Hoarah Loux the Warrior, Kaido those of Radahn and finally Shanks those of Malenia. Unfortunately, the mod is not yet available on the NexusMods site but should arrive in the coming weeks. What make you want to plan for the release of One Piece Odyssey, the new video game adaptation of the saga. It is expected for this year, on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.