Elden Ring Players Create Anime Characters From Shows Like One Piece, Berserk

Ring of Elden and popular shonen anime have something in common: in both, we watch characters face seemingly insurmountable odds. And, either way, if the hero is savvy enough and has a trick or two up their sleeve, they can defeat the tougher boss. (And either way, wielding a giant sword doesn’t hurt either.)

These parallels are not lost Ring of Elden Fans. We are now seeing trends on TikTok where fans are designing characters that look like the stars of their favorite shows, like demon slayer and A play. They show off their favorite weapons which remind them of the powers of their favorite anime heroes.

So far, fans have built characters like the swordsman Roronoa Zoro from A play. This TikTok video from Drtopazz shows a Zoro-inspired character wielding a dual weapon (otherwise known as a power stance) while defeating a boss. (Unfortunately Drtopazz character cannot do Zoro’s signature three sword style techniquewhere he puts a blade in his mouth, but it’s pretty close.)

In this next video, a player jokes that he spent a lot of time designing a character when he ended up dressing him like the savage Inosuke Hashibira from demon slayer.

Many fans too raised Bleach, which features a cast of warriors who wield powers from alternate worlds. This video references the flash step, which is a common technique used in combat in the series.

A Minstora’s TikTok shows off a weapon that looks like an exact copy of Uryu Ishida’s power – which allows him to channel energy through a bow and arrow. It has been viewed over 2.9 million times and the creator has an entire series titled “Ring of Elden as anime” on their TikTok.

This video showing an attack which looks like the dimension slash of black clover. It has been viewed over 3.4 million times.

And this video, inspired by Fairy taleshows the Dragonfire incantation in action.

Some note about videos it’s just playing Ring of Elden feels like an anime. In the end I think Ring of Eldenlike the anime and video games that came before it, speaks to the age-old truism that, again, it’s a lot of fun swinging a big-ass sword.