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If you are a fan of one piece sure you know yamato, a character that despite having appeared in the series relatively recently has become one of the most popular in anime and manga. today we tell you everything you need to know about Yamato in One Piece. Do not miss it!

oh! And do not worry, there will be no spoilers for the manga.

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Who is Yamato?

yamato is he Emperor Kaidou’s sonis a 28-year-old young man who was trained from a young age to be his father’s heir but in return for that he developed a strong admiration for Kozuki Odento the point of deciding to become and self-proclaim Odensomething that Kaido does not like at all.

Yamato ends up having a very important role in the Wano arcspecifically during the Onigashima Warwhere he meets Luffy and joins the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance to help defeat Kaido and free Wano.

Yamato’s appearance in One Piece

yamato It has one of the most remarkable designs of recent years in One Piece. He is a fairly tall young man, about 2.63cm tall, with long white hair with green and blue gradient, red horns and powerful orange eyes.

Yamato wears red hakama pants and a white kimono which he later tears off the sleeves. On his ancient kimono were a couple of symbols that looked like skewers of oden in reference to Oden himselfand also uses a nio-daisuki purple and white just like Oden.

A curious fact about its design is that it is rumored that it is inspired by Senku from Dr. Stonesince Boichi and Oda have a very cordial relationship and even Boichi himself has illustrated several One Piece spin-offs.

His powers and his weapon

yamato is a fruit user Inu Inu: Okuchi no Makami modela type fruit mythical zoan. This fruit allows him to transform into a kind of human beast, a hybrid between human and divine wolf.

this fruit gives him special powers and allows him, among other things, to unleash powerful blasts from his mouth capable of colliding with and countering Kaido’s fire breath.

On the other hand, Yamato is able to use haki. Has the ability to use three different types of haki:

  • Kenbunshoku haki.
  • Buso Shoku Haki: is able to use it at an advanced level.
  • Hao Shoku Haki: he also uses it in an advanced way as he awakened this haki when he was 20 years old.

As for the weapon he uses, Yamato has a giant kanabo called Takeru, very similar to Kaidou’s. Yamato coordinates his powers and haki with the kanabo to deal more damage and attack from a distance, even causing energy blasts.

Yamato’s past in One Piece

Yamato woke up a strong admiration for Oden since childhood, something that Kaidou did not like at all. Some time later Yamato witnessed Oden’s execution and it caused him such a shock that he ran to Oden’s castle to save Momonosuke, but he could only see how his father threatened him.

After this, Yamato felt a great conviction and his admiration for Oden only grew, causing him to go to Oden’s castle in Kuri, there he found Oden’s logbook.

Yamato ever since decided to self-proclaim Oden, something that caused a lot of commotion and chaos and that, as expected, Kaidou did not like. Yamato ends up being locked up in a cave for a month and is later placed in explosive seastone shackles by Kaidou to prevent him from escaping Onigashima.

Time after Yamato meets Ace when he arrives on the island with the intention of killing Kaidou. A strong friendship is forged between the two and Yamato expresses his desire to go out to sea with Ace but finally decides to wait for Luffy to reach Onigashima.

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Yamato has demonstrated a strong determination. That determination has allowed him to become stronger, fight for what he believes is right and fight against his father Kaidou. In just two years since his first appearance in the manga, he has managed to captivate the entire One Piece community and no wonder. Yamato is a great character!

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