Fanart imagines the new One Piece live action actors as their characters | Spaghetti Code

The live action production of one piece It keeps going from strength to strength while fans of this series imagine the actors who will participate in the series as our characters from such an endearing series.

A fanart produced from a One Piece fanpage on Facebook was given the freedom to imagine some of the secondary characters of the series being interpreted by the new actors announced for the production of Netflix and Tomorrow Studios.

Coby, Garp, Helmeppo, Alvida, Buggy and Arlong They already have an actor who will be in charge of giving them life in the series of OnePiece. We must say that his countenance with the characters of one piece It’s pretty good, if they even look as good as this one shows us compilation of characterizations.

They don’t look bad at all | Photo: (op_fanpage) Facebook

Morgan Davies (Coby), Vincent Regan (Garp), Aidan Scott (Helmeppo), Ilia Isorelýs Paulino (Alvida), Jeff Ward (Buggy) and McKinley Belcher III (Arlong) are the names of the actors who were presented during this week and who will join the list with the rest of actors who will play the protagonists of one piece live action.

The series ‘live-action’ (real image) of one piece is a collaboration between Tomorrow Studios, Netflix and Shueisha. Steve Maedaknown for being a producer of lost (2004-2010) and CSI Miami (2002-2012), works as project director. Maeda also serves as executive producer along with Eiichiro Oda, Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements and Matt Owens.

What do you think of this fanart with the actors of the One Piece live action?


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