Festival – Cherisy manga lands star series exposure one-pieceOctober 8 and 9

But how far will Cherisy Manga go? The fourth edition has the ambition to rock the house through an anthology of animations that go far beyond a meeting between publishers and manga authors with their increasingly numerous readers. Its creator, Gilles Mure-Raveau, president of the Chérisy Festival Chérisy manga sports and cultural activities association, explains: “It will be a fireworks display of the Japanese universe”.

“Chérisy is becoming the heart, the regional crucible of the manga phenomenon, which represents 50% of comic books sold, i.e. 42 million in 2021, compared to 20 million in 2019.”

5,000 visitors expected

Nestled in the heart of the Eure valley, not far from Dreux, the town of 1,841 inhabitants will see its population swell during these two days which should attract some 5,000 people to the Espace Hugo site. Victor Hugo, who stopped in his time in the village to find his beautiful Adèle, in Dreux, and write a poem there (Ode to the valley of Chérisy) would not believe his eyes when he discovered a parade of characters from manga, Star Wars saga, yosakoi and kpop dancers (note: Japanese and Korean dances).

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“We have three times more cosplayers than last year thanks to the arrival of several groups, one of which is dedicated to the Naruto series. “We should also see Luffy, the pirate hero of the mega planetary series one-piece. Cherisy manga was able to obtain from the publisher Glénat the coveted exhibition of the 23 original pages of the first 50 issues.

Some of the greatest manga authors (called mangakas!), French, Italian or Brazilian, will sign their books. “There will also be a regional part with designers from Eure-et-Loir, but also young shoots aged 16-18. They will draw boards in front of the public. The next generation will also be represented by the graphic arts schools which will display their know-how “live” through various workshops (calligraphy, origami, etc.).

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Festival Cherisy manga lands star series exposure one pieceOctober 8Part of the poster signed Yoann Le Scoul, who is also a French mangaka.

erotic manga

Focused on young people, Cherisy manga will organize a competition for all schools in the Eurelia and Yvelin areas. The most beautiful creations will receive Cherisy Awards, trophies also rewarding cosplayers, representatives of combat sports,…

The strength of Cherisy Manga is based in particular on the confidence of publishers, including H2T, “which will be widely represented”, as well as a specialist in erotic manga. “These are gay stories that appeal to young women. »
Cherisy manga 2022 will also be a giant karaoke, Japanese gastronomy, a virtual reality stand with game consoles (PS3, PD4,…)… But how far will they go? For Gilles Mure-Raveau, “Cherisy Manga is a concept that interests other cities. »

Practice. Saturday October 8, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday October 9, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free admission?; Cherisy Manga Festival website.

The four good plans of the Cherisy manga

1. Espace Hugo and multipurpose room. Exposure one-piece. Japanese products: sale of manga and figurines?; cosplay guests, cosplay photography booth, Asian board games, etc. Signings of Japanese, Italian, Brazilian mangakas, etc. Sale of books, figurines, etc. Meeting with Chantal Baroin, French voice of several manga films (Erza in Fairtail, jessie in pokemon,…); graphic arts school stands. Yosakoi and Kpop dances (kpop show Saturday).1661334080 218 Festival Cherisy manga lands star series exposure one pieceOctober 8
2. Martial arts. Demonstrations of karate, judo, tai-chi, sumo, … Fighting with lightsabers.
3. But also, a giant karaoke! Saturday, at 8 p.m., a giant karaoke?; on Saturday, lectures on yosakoi dance, manga making, Japanese stamps in the town hall park?; Saturday, workshops with tea ceremony, origami, calligraphy,… Sunday afternoon, parade of cosplays in the Grande-Rue and dances in the park of the town hall. Battle manga on Hugo space stage.
4. Bon appetit, of course?! Several food stands including a food truck, specialist in Norman sushi?!

Olivier Bohin