First look at Shanks in Netflix’s live-action One Piece

The famous manga and anime one piece is receiving a live-action adaptation by Netflix and finally we have a picture of Shankone of the most beloved characters by fans.

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One Piece anime and manga

The story of one piece try like a young boy, Monkey D Luffywants to become the king of the pirates, embarking on finding the greatest treasure that exists.

Luffy Throughout his adventures he will meet a lot of friends, who will be part of his crew, among which are: Nami, Ussopp, zoro; Sanji, chopper, Robin, Frankie, Brook Y Jinbe.

With this picturesque group, whose members will be joined throughout the series, he will embark in search of the treasure that receives the name of one piecewhich was hidden by the pirate Goal D. Roger.

Also during the series we will meet characters who will help our friends on several occasions that have led to the closedness of the fans, as is the case with Shank Y acebrother of Luffy.

one piece It may be today one of the longest manga and anime in history, since the story has not yet been finished but according to the creator he is already writing the ending.

Netflix’s One Piece

Netflix is still hard at work on the live-action of one pieceand fans are closely following the project, which continues filming abroad.

The series you are doing Netflix has kept much of its on-set content hidden, but the cast has provided fans with some special looks in recent months.

On this occasion he was the actor of Shankwho in honor of the creator Eiichiro Oda He has shared on social networks a preview of his wardrobe.

The update happened in Instagramwhen the actor peter gadiot He posted a photo on his story from the set.

As can be seen in the image, only the silhouette of the star is visible, while the ocean is in front of it.

The black and white photograph simply shows the silhouette of the actor dressed as Shankwith the long coat he usually wears and his hair disheveled.

On the other hand, in the image only one of the arms of Shankwho in the series lost his arm to save the life of Luffy.

Even so, Shank he is a fairly simple pirate when it comes to his clothing, the most notable being the straw hat he gave to Luffy when he was just a child.

Despite all this, what most characterizes Shank it’s his red hair and his scar over his left eye, and it seems practically a given that he’ll look like that in this live-action too.

When it was announced that Netflix would be in charge of a live-action of one piece many people had doubts and fear, but as images come out it seems that it could be a good product.

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