First photo of Shanks in the Netflix One Piece series with real actors

What better time than these days plagued by rumors about the character (is Shanks the final villain of the manga?) to reveal the first image of the redhead in the One Piece live action series. That is what Netflix, responsible for the series, and Peter Gadiot, the actor who will bring him to life, must have thought. Both have shared a snapshot in front of the sea, like any pirate worth his salt, in which although we do not directly see his appearance, we can already glimpse his characterization. From the typical Shanks hair and outfit, complete with cape, to the absence of his left armwhich he sacrificed for Luffy.

What does the Netflix One Piece series encompass?

Still without a release date on the platform, Netflix has repeatedly spoken of the adaptation of One Piece as a “potential franchise” that could receive “Stranger Things treatment“if the numbers and the success go hand in hand. We are more concerned about the result than the figures, because this first season will consist of only ten episodes and aims to cover the entire saga of the East Blue. That is, it will try condense the first 12 volumes of the manga into ten hours, which comes to be 100 chapters and 61 episodes of the anime. Is that possible?

But if there is a reason not to lose faith and give the One Piece series a chance, that is Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the manga. Oda will executive produce the adaptation., has personally chosen all the actors and is supervising and giving the okay to each change and design. “We’ve been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on this project for a long time and it’s huge. It’s like the Hollywood version of One Piecedeclared the author. And if Oda is really excited, you know what they say.

We leave you with the only teaser shared by Netflix so far, in which Iñaki Godoy, the actor who will play Luffy, presents us with some of the the ships built for this first season, as the barati (the restaurant ship Sanji works on) and the Miss Love Duck (Alvida’s pirate shipwhere the adventure begins with Luffy saving Coby).