First season of One Piece will arrive on HBO Max Latin America

Everything seems to indicate that this month will be full of many surprises on the HBO Max streaming platform, since it was announced that the first season of one of the most beloved anime by all fans, one piecewill arrive as part of your catalog.

According to HBO Max social networks, the adventures of everyone’s favorite pirate, one pieceis scheduled to premiere on May 9 on the platform and it is believed that it could be one of the main dishes for this month, we just have to hope that in the future, the rest of the seasons may be available.

The first season of one piece It comes after some movies like: One Piece Gold: The Movie Y One Piece: Stampedewhich premiered so far this year and both have dubbing and subtitles in Spanish.

So far it is unknown if the series will also have dubbing, but we would have to wait for its premiere on the purple platform. While, one piece It is also available on other platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix, with original audio, subtitles in Spanish and, in the case of the red N, if it has dubbing.

Although its premiere is scheduled for May 9, the date is subject to change, but the wait is less and less.

One Piecee tells the story of a boy named Monkey D Luffy, who inspired by Shanks, a pirate who saved his life when he was a child, decides to go on adventures to become the King of the Pirates. The series is currently airing and already has more than 1000 chapters in the air. Will you see this famous pirate story?


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