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fisher tiger is one of the characters most emblematic Y most legendary of all the work of One Piece. I want to let you know that I start the first paragraph with spoilers and there will be spoilers throughout the articlebut You don’t need to be up to date with the manga, just be past the Fishman Island arc. As I always say, you have to read responsibly. In this article we will know the 8 most impressive curiosities of this great and respected pirate in One Piece.

One of the greatest peculiarities of this character is that since he is dead in the course of One Piece, you cannot get too much information from him. What we know, we can know thanks to the information that people tell us as a story during the course of the manga or anime.

Fisher Tiger was leader and founder of the legendary Sun Pirates

The pirates of the sun, are the legendary crew that in the past founded and led our protagonist today, Captain Fisher Tiger. This crew is known for four very important facts. The first of them is the characteristic emblem of the sun They have fire tattooed on their body. The second is the liberation of the slaves of Mary Geoisein which we remember, Boa Hancock she was released thanks to Fisher Tiger.

For the other half of the reasons, we are aware that such illustrious and important figures as jinbe Y Arlong, they were part of his crew with the corresponding story that this brings to the plot. And finally, the pirates of the sun They are one of the greatest exponents when it comes to talking about revolution and social liberation, along with the Revolutionary Army.

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He is known as the hero of the slaves for his feat in Mary Geoise

In the previous paragraph I commented on the fact of the liberation of slaves from Mary Geoise. This event is one of the most important and most emblematic in all of One Piece. Fisher Tiger was its author, together with the pirates of the sun. It all started with a trip back to the Fishman Island after a long trip. Fisher Tiger was captured by the World Nobles. He suffered the worst calamities being tortured and humiliated by his captors. Several years later, he managed to escape thanks to a ruse devised by himself. At first, he was going to run away alone, but his heart wouldn’t allow him to leave so many people behind..

Fisher Tiger, the Adventurer, as he was known across the seas, returned to free many people from the tyranny and slavery of the Nobles. One of the most outstanding facts of this feat was that he managed to scale the great cliffs of the Red Line with their own hands. Once in Mary Geoise, he freed all the slaves without distinction. Among all these slaves we find characters like the sisters Hancock Y Koala.

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Eiichiro Oda was based on Che Guevara to create Fisher Tiger

It is known through statements made by Eiichiro Oda in SBSwhich Fisher Tiger draws some inspiration from Che Guevara. Especially in the idea of ​​the liberation of the people and the slaves. An idea that represents very well the main character of this article in the plot of the work. It also has a certain resemblance in relation to clothing. Fisher wears a military-themed bandana. Several of his speeches are also inspired by the same historical figure.

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He was one of the pirates who most confronted the Navy and the World Government

Fisher Tiger spent some time as a slave and because of it, he developed a very deep hatred towards the Marine and the World Government. Due to his acts of freeing slaves from the World Government, and also against the Navy, Fisher was one of the most persecuted pirates. There is something very curious about Fisher and that is that although he had a lot of hatred and resentment for these two sides, he limited himself to looting without killing any of them in his numerous adventures. This spoke volumes for the noble heart and good will that this pirate harbored within him.

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Fisher Tiger’s death wasn’t like everyone thinks

One of the hardest facts of the death of fisher tiger it was the event itself. It is said that he died because he was denied a blood transfusion after being badly injured as a result of a betrayal by the Marine, when it was Fisher himself who refused to receive it. This will was respected by jinbe and the rest of the crew, although he would later tell the whole truth to Neptune Y otohime.

All the Fishman Island still does not know the truth to this day and They will probably never find out that one of their greatest prides chose to die of their own free will.. the crew of luffy he would also learn the truth, later, at the hands of Jinbe himself.

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He is one of the characters that has originated the most plot arcs after his death

Fisher Tiger’s death sparked many story arcs that would have a severe impact on the work of one piece. One of the best known is the Arlong. The fishman pirate, very angry at the death of his captain, returned to the place of the betrayal to avenge Fisher Tiger, but was unsuccessful. His hatred for humans intensified, ignoring Tiger’s dying wish to end this cycle of hatred. With all this, we know one of the most emblematic arches of East Bluethe arc itself Arlong Park.

What jinbe I would like to be one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, was also something that originated thanks to wanting to improve the relationship between humans and Fishman. This is a premise that comes from the internal desires of Fisher Tiger. Being able to end the cycle of hate and being able to live in peace with everyone. In turn, this is preceded by the noble wishes of otohime.

Koalawhich would join the Revolutionary Army inspired by Fisher Tiger and the Sun Pirates, for their ideals and thanks that the Fisher saved her from her captors many years ago. And finally, that the sisters Hancock They found freedom, along with many other people, to be able to develop the plot in an impeccable way, it was also thanks to the good work of Fisher. Thanks to everything he did in life and to all the legacy he left behind after his death.

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He was an expert carpenter and built his own boat

It is one of the curiosities that is least commented on Fisher and that can go unnoticed. If you’ve seen the arc of Water 7, you know very well that carpentry and ships are very important. This way, fisher tiger built what was his flagship for the crew of the pirates of the sun. A legendary ship that sailed the most important parts of the seas around the world one piece.

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He had a close relationship with the fishman kings.

Fisher Tiger had a close relationship with Neptune and Otohime, especially with the last one. Both were precursors of wanting diplomacy between Fishman and humans. Many of Fisher’s trips served to strengthen this relationship and to find information that was useful to them. Although, what we have the most stories about is the liberation of slaves. Fisher Tiger reported information about his adventures and findings to the great royal family.

It is not known for sure if fisher tiger had a close relationship with poneglyph from joy boy, but many clues are collected in their conversations that it is one of the reasons that inspired him that humans and Fishmen could be at peace. So far, the 8 most impressive curiosities of this incredible One Piece character. What do you think? We read you in the comments.

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