For this reason, Buggy keeps failing up in One Piece 1053.


He is now one of the most powerful pirates… and you may be wondering why.

One Piece chapter 1053 and its author Eiichiro Oda announced that they would enter a month-long hiatus from publication after the Wano arc, but they were not going to leave without leaving great expectation among their fans, after Buggy the pirate was named as one of the four yonkou. This makes him one of the strongest warriors, but why?

Fans of this franchise are having incredibly mixed reactions to this news. Some express excitement and joy, citing how important the series has been in their lives. Others recount the same experiences, but seem to lament the imminent end of one of the best manga series of all time, while wondering:Is it that Buggy is Oda’s favorite? Well, the truth is a bit more complex than a resounding yes.

Buggy’s Chop-Chop Fruit is a Paramecia-type fruit that allows its user to split their body into pieces, also making them immune to slashing attacks since their body can already split at will. And, like others of this type, their Awakenings begin to affect the environment around themwhich makes fans believe that Buggy could cut up and rebuild islands and other aspects of the environment itself.

One reason why Buggy became a Yonko could be that he unlocked the full power of his fruit, which would answer the theory from a few years ago that mentions that his power would allow him to split objects on an atomic scale. This would cause nuclear fission resulting in nuclear explosions, thus making him a “Bombastic Clown”.

But, this theory did not end here but rather opened the debate to raise the limits that this new awakening of Buggy’s devil fruit would have. Y, mainly to question what had happened in his absence from the central focus to become the new Yonkou of One Piece.

Buggy’s true power is Oda’s script in One Piece

Speaking strictly about Buggy’s devil fruit power and his “possible nuclear power”, to create a real life nuclear explosion, the atoms would have to be very tightly packed to create an explosion. But, it is unlikely that the author Eiichiro Oda cares about the details of this ability like he did with other abilities and powers in the past.

The theory certainly makes sense on its own, as Buggy’s devil fruit certainly has the potential, on paper, to split atoms. As fans debate the logistics and reality of such an ability, Oda probably doesn’t care too much about the specifics of nuclear fission.

However, there may be another important factor to weigh, when Shanks asked for an audience with the five strongest from across Eiichiro Oda’s universe he asked to speak about a pirate. a part of the fandom speculates that “that pirate” is Buggy himself. Which would make a little more sense in this decision.

Let’s remember that Shanks and Buggy are two of the main Gol D. Roger apprentices, so a gesture of genuine camaraderie between them would not be unthinkable. Similarly, Oda may further explain this situation on his return..

As fans mentioned, in the end it may also be a recurring joke of Oda. Use Buggy to point out that it is not so much your strength or category that matters, but the freedom with which you live. Even noble titles have been the subject of ridicule by the author himself on several occasions.

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