France Inter: a One Piece evening to “demonize manga”

The characters of One Piece will be in the spotlight on Wednesday December 8 on France Inter. The radio is organizing a special manga night for the publication in bookstores, the same day, of the 100e volume of the saga at Glénat. The show, hosted by Frederick Sigrist will come back to the manga ofEiichiro Oda, but also on the phenomenon of manga. The director of programs and production of France Inter, Yann Chouquet attend “lots of interactivity“with listeners through calls to the switchboard or on chat, including Twitch, where the show will be broadcast live.

In addition, a 9-episode podcast “Yamanote”, created by Marie Palot, will be broadcast immediately after the show. “The pioneers”, “MeToo”, “Street culture” or the “Values ​​of manga” will be treated in sessions of 25 to 30 minutes. The target audience is more used to this universe. “If we did it on the air, we would have had to popularize, explain acronyms, come back to the lexical field“, explains Youen Chouquet to Livres Hebdo.

Marie Palot’s Yamanote podcast – Photo FRANCE INTER

One Piece is one of the great events of this end of the year, both in the world of publishing and pop culture. To stand out, France Inter wants to offer an anthropological approach to the saga. “This evening completes our pop culture journey: the Antoine de Caunes program, the comic book prize in partnership with Fnac… We quickly gave more space to comics, manga is the next step“, estimates the director of the programs.

“De-demonize, if necessary, the manga”

Despite a large segment aged 13 to 34, the average auditor of France Inter is 54 years old. “The ambition is to explain to them why their children or grandchildren read manga … There are a lot of things in this discipline, but it has been discredited by some as shown by the controversy over the use of the Culture Pass. The idea is first of all to demonize, if necessary, the manga, and then to put it on the air “, summarizes the director of the program and the antenna.

In the future, Yann Fouquet hopes that this special evening will irrigate the rest of the antenna with more manga actors invited to the France Inter antenna.