Franky is the most underrated straw hat fighter!

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It seems to us that Franky is often belittled in the Straw Hats despite the fact that he has always done his part, especially when it comes to fighting. Despite this, even without Haki, he has shown to be more than capable. We are therefore going to explain to you in 3 points why we think that fans underestimate his fighting style.

No Haki

We believe this point is pretty self-explanatory in the One Piece community. Nowadays, when a character does not have Haki, he is instantly seen as weaker than other characters who possess him, despite the fact that one of the first displays of Haki in the series literally proves otherwise. We are talking about Luffy against Sandersonia and Marigold, in which Luffy, although struggling at first after being Gear 2, easily destroys them both. Which proves that while weaponry and observation are important in One Piece combat, they can sometimes be outdone by someone with better brute force and speed. Which proves that Franky doesn’t need Haki to beat someone who has one (eg Sasaki).

General Franky

In Franky’s last fight against Sasaki, we finally got to see General Franky’s full power (since he was beaten during the fight) and we think it really showed how strong he was. Franky almost floored Sasaki with General Franky alone. What people always forget is that after beating General Franky, you still have Franky inside, which means you basically have to fight Franky after you rack up damage. It was for this reason that Franky took much more damage against Senor Pink (and for other reasons) than Sasaki.

Technology in One Piece

The last point, about technology in One Piece, is very understated. Everyone still focuses on Devil Fruits and Haki, but characters like the Vinsmokes, Franky, or even Queen have shown that their technology is also what makes them strong. The Vinsmokes still have a lot of impressive feats under their belt, like going up against a large number of Big Mom Pirates who have Haki and standing their ground, even beating them. Likewise, Queen’s last range of weapons against Sanji was mostly tech-based. In a world where everyone is so in awe of Vegapunk we’re still amazed to see that Franky is one of his role models and he’s still underrated the radial ray is basically Kizaru’s laser and the rays Kizaru’s lights were only stopped by a few Upper Tiers in One Piece (e.g. Marco, Whitebeard, Rayleigh).