French Fan Reads ALL One Piece Chapters Live, Watch How Long It Took (VIDEO)

One Piece unleashes passions. Maybe even a little too much. This fan has decided to take on an amazing challenge: read all the chapters of One Piece without stopping.

The end of One Piece is approaching, much to the chagrin of fans

One Piece continues to thrill its fans, nearly 25 years after its debut. The work ofEiichiro Oda demonstrates exceptional longevity and unleashes passions like almost no manga has done before. One Piece will soon take a break so that its author can concentrate on the “final saga”which will be the beginning of the end of the manga.

An end that some never thought would happen, as One Piece always seemed to have something to tell its fans. One of them has set himself a crazy challenge, to read all the chapters of One Piece in a row. It took him 106 hours to complete his challenge…

106 hours to read the 1051 chapters of One Piece

This incredible performance is signed Idea (no, not Kojima). The Frenchman streamed live on Twitch for 106 hours and 6 minutes in total by reading all the chapters of One Piece. A surprising idea he had… while brushing his teeth. A challenge during which Ideo still respects the fundamentals by sleeping 10 hours and taking four showers, as he explains on his Twitter account. Thanks to this exploit, Ideo gained 600 followers on Twitch.

Nevertheless, in comments reported by Kotakuthe One Piece fan advises those embarking on the work for the first time not to “rush” like him.

There is way too much information to keep in mind. It is better to take the time to read and learn as a whole school curriculum”.

He indicates that the pleasure of reading the story is present with each new reading, despite his perfect knowledge of the work. A challenge just as crazy as that of player more than 500 hours of video games without stopping…