Fullmetal Alchemist… 5 anime characters hated by fans

In this article, you’ll (re)discover five individuals from anime that fans hate. This selection is not exhaustive.

There are anime characters we love, and those we hate! In this TOP 5, the editorial staff of Serieously has correctly classified the individuals of undrinkable animated series, with scandalous actions… This classification is obviously subjective and not exhaustive.

Warning, this article potentially contains spoilers.

Malty S. Melromarc in The Rising of the Shield Hero

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The Rising of the Shield Hero (TROTSH) is one of the revelations of 2019. This animated series introduced Malty S. Melromarc. Also nicknamed “Bitch”, Malty seems at first glance nice. Her beautiful face actually hides a manipulative and devious woman who does not hesitate to take advantage of the naivety of others.

She notably stole the money and belongings of Naofumi, the protagonist, before accusing him of raping her. In the TROFSH universe, this crime is punishable by death! These misdeeds occur at the beginning of the story, and are therefore an introduction to the detestable character that is Malty.

Kisaki Tetta, in the anime tokyo revenge


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Kisaki Tetta is a character who inspires fear in many characters in tokyo revenge. For example, some of his lieutenants were so afraid of him that they committed suicide. The main antagonist of the work also did not hesitate to orchestrate the murder of Hinata, the hero’s former girlfriend, on multiple occasions. The temporary head of the Tokyo Manjikai is therefore terribly intimidating. And all of these reasons make him one of the most hated characters in recent anime. A great performance, not to be missed on the Crunchyroll platform.

The Celestial Dragons in One Piece



In the universe of One Piecemany antagonists have made their appearance. Some like Doflamingo and Crocodile are particularly popular with fans. Other villains, however, did not meet the same fate. This is the case of the Celestial Dragons, also called World Nobles and Tenryūbito.

These nobles are absolutely detestable in every way. The majority of them use slaves for their personal comfort. Humans, fish-men… The latter are branded with a hot iron on their skin. Celestial Dragons can also force individuals to eat Devil Fruits. Because of their status it is impossible to oppose them, which pushes them to commit many abuses without risk of reprisals. The most hated Tenryūbito is undoubtedly Saint Charlos.

Makoto Ito in the anime School Days



Those who have already watched the anime School Days know very well the reason for Makoto’s presence in this article. The latter, initially presented as a young high school student in love with one of his classmates, turned out to be garbage. Over the course of the episodes, Makoto begins to chain conquests with girls from his high school. At the same time, he rejects his beloved from the beginning, Kotonoha, to the point of psychologically destroying her.

Shō Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


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First place obviously goes to Tucker! Even without having read the manga Fullmetal Alchemist or watched his second anime adaptation, chances are you know this despicable character. Introduced at the start of the story, this family man was a State Alchemist.

The latter conducted experiments to create chimeras with the ability to speak human language. The terrible reality behind these creatures is that they were his relatives. The first he made was originally his wife, while the second is an amalgamation of his daughter Nina and his dog Alexander.