Gecko Moria will be back soon!

With the latest Devil Fruit revelations in One Piece’s final chapter, we were quite surprised that one of them was not Moria’s. Last we saw him, he was about to die in Blackbeard on Hachinosu, trying and failing to avenge Absolum.

If you didn’t know, Moria is a tragic character. He braved Grand Line and it broke him. His entire crew was slaughtered by Kaido. His enormous ship is nothing more than an old decrepit ruin.

Our hypothesis for Moria is this: he was a strong runt similar to the Worst Generation, but when he faced his Grand Line ordeal, like Luffy, Kidd and Bege, he didn’t lose an arm, nor did he. ‘was not saved by a Shichibukai or bowed down in front of a Yonko, he was wiped out by Kaido. We believed that after this he lost all self-confidence and sought in return a devil fruit that only works by stealing the power of others.

We believe that after Kaido killed his entire team, he sat in this decrepit old mansion in grief, until three people arrived, who heard of Moria in its heyday and wanted to go back to it. the moral. People who believed in him, respected him and wanted to share his dream. But after being crushed by Luffy, we think they went their separate ways. Leaving Moria alone again.

Animated gecko moria

And after being crushed again during the navy, he had lost all his remaining will and returned to his old shame. Until he heard that Blackbeard had captured Absalom, someone who believed in him, his crewmate. Deep in the abyss, seemingly unable to sink any lower, he set out to rescue his former friend. But he was defeated once again.

Moria is a tragic Grand Line story. They copied her story and used her as a villain in one of the darkest One Piece movies ever made, Baron Omatsuri, which shows how far one can fall in this sea.

More evidence for this, we believed it would be Brook. Like Moria, he lost his crew to the terrible events of Grand Line, but while Moria only regretted what he did and resented Kaido, Brook chose to remember the good times that they passed together and move on.


Even in Marineford, Moria warns Luffy that at his current level, he is too weak for the Grand Line and will lose everything. At the time, we thought it was just a joke. Moria hated Luffy for ruining his rowing dream, right? No. It was a warning, from a man who had already lost everything and was about to have nothing left.

And we think the fact that none of Blackbeard’s main crew have their Devil Fruit means they could still be around. And if he wants revenge on Blackbeard, there’s a surefire way to do it. When he learns that Luffy beat Kaido. After what he thought was unthinkable at Marineford, he might just be ready to believe in himself again.