“Give me time to breathe!”: The ‘One Piece’ manga will be on hiatus for a month… And then it enters its final stretch!

The anime in ‘One Piece’ continues to go from strength to strength airing every week, and the manga continues to provide plenty of material to adapt. After several years in development, the Wano Country ArcY Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that he is going to take a short break before continuing to draw the following pages.

Pointing to the end of history

‘OnePiece’ enters a one-month hiatus from June 27 to July 25, so Oda is going to have a much, well deserved one month break. It does not mean that he will be on vacation completely, because in principle he will use it to plan the end of the manga and be aware of many summer events related to his work.

“I’m taking a break! A few months ago my wonderful editors told me… ‘Oda-sensei, this summer is going to be very hard. It’s the 25th anniversary of the series and there will also be a celebration for the premiere of the movie [‘One Piece Film: Red’]”, Oda has explained in a letter to his fans. “The story of Wano is over… and you will want to travel to Africa to supervise the series in live action on Netflix. During the summer we have collaborations, announcements and events. Why don’t you take a month to prepare all this?”

Apparently Oda didn’t even want to hear about hiatus or breaks in the manga but finally he gave his arm to twist seeing the amount of things that were coming at him. But above all it confirms that indeed ‘One Piece’ is entering the final stretch of the manga and Oda is ready for this stage, although we still don’t know how many bows it will be made up of.

“I also want to organize the final arc of the series, so I can finish it as soon as possible. So I’m sorry but I’m going to take a break and a little time to prepare it,” the mangaka continued. “From today two more chapters will be published, and the break will be four weeks, from Jump #30 to #33, give me time to breathe!”

the creator of ‘OnePiece’ He has been warning for years that the series is entering the final stretch, but it seems that the last arc of the manga is closer than ever. Even so, this announcement does not mean that the end of ‘One Piece’ is for now and it may still take several years. Considering that the Wano Country Arc started publishing in 2018, if the next one Oda has in mind is at least as long, we still have about four years of ‘One Piece’ to go.