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fans of one piece They are excited about the projects that Eiichiro Oda is preparing for the 25 years of the franchise. As well as a new RPG for consoles and PC, there will be an engaging collectible card game.

The creator and Bandai revealed the first details of this new product a long time ago, which will undoubtedly satisfy the fans of Luffy and company. Now, we know information about its release date, as well as its first cards and decks, which will feature the most iconic characters in the entire saga.

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When will it debut and what will the new TCG offer? one piece?

To begin with, you should know that the new collectible card game will have a worldwide launch that will be staggered. It will first debut in Japan sometime in July this year. Later, between autumn and winter, it will reach more regions with various products.

In accordance with the official sitethe game will debut with 4 decks featuring iconic characters from the saga in their boxes: Luffy (Straw Hat Crew), Captain Kid (Worst Generation), Crocodile (The Seven Warlords of the Sea) and Kaidou (Pirates of the Animal Kingdom). ).

On the other hand, the first card packs of the Romance Dawn series were revealed. Each pack will include 12 cards. There will also be official sleeves and a special deck with character cards from the different films in the saga. The price of the products has not been revealed for now.

As for the cards, we already know some with characters like Luffy, Sabo, Trafalgar Law and Zoro. There will be cards with original illustrations created especially for this project. Below you can see a trailer of the announcement:

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