Has Kaido awakened his devil fruit in One Piece?


Maybe his power exploded because of it…

For a long time, One Piece has surprised its fans with the awakening of the devil fruits of its main antagonists, which has generated expectations around Kaido, possessor of a Zoan-type devil fruit. doWill we see his awakening before his fight with Luffy ends?? Before saying yes or no, perhaps it is worth remembering some important details:

Unlike the other two types of Devil Fruits, the Zoan type comes in multiple variations. While the standard Zoan-type Devil Fruit grants its user the abilities of an existing animal, there are also elusive ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruits that grant those who eat them the powers of beasts that have become extinct, such as dinosaurs and mammoths. . This power has been introduced in the main officers of X Drake and Kaido, Tobi Roppo and All Stars.

However, this limitation could be overcome with the awakening of the devil fruit that always exceeds human limits as happened with Luffy, who possesses the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model: Nika. Instead of turning into a giant version of himself, Luffy gained access to all the powers that the sun god Nika is said to possess., with his rubber skills getting stronger and much more cartoon-like. This allowed Luffy to have full control over how his body stretched, allowing him to apply cartoon physics and the properties of rubber to his environment and those around him. While these abilities are unique to Luffy’s devil fruit, this awakening style could apply to all mythic zoan users, including Kaido.

Looking at the Kaido’s Devil Fruit, specifically the myth it’s based on, has very possibly awakened a long time ago in One Piece.. Kaido’s Devil Fruit is known as the Uo Uo no Mi: Seiryu model, and is based on a mystical fish that was transformed into a dragon. Legend has it that there was once a river that was home to many common carp. If a carp were to jump over the peak of the waterfall, known as The Dragon Gate, it would become a mighty dragon. If this legend is anything to go by, then it’s possible that Kaido’s dragon forms are actually his awakened abilities.

Kaido’s devil fruit awakening in One Piece

Luffy’s awakening demonstrates that the mythical zoan works differently than the other devil fruit variations. While it’s unclear what exactly triggered his awakening, it’s undeniable that he made him more powerful than ever. Since Kaido’s Devil Fruit acknowledges the legendary Azure Dragon’s humble origins as a carp, it is possible that Kaido’s Devil Fruit’s original powers were actually based on those of a simple fish. This means that, just like Luffy, with time, training, and effort, Kaido managed to become the powerful dragon that he is today.

kaido devil fruit awakening one piece

While there is no way to know for sure yet, recent One Piece chapters have shown that anything is possible. And this continues the tradition of the series, since the conclusion of the “Dressrosa” arc, the main villain of each arc has had an awakened devil fruit. Devil Fruit Awakenings have been one of the hottest topics among fans.. The idea of ​​”weak” fruits becoming empowered or a “strong” fruit surpassing its known strength has always seemed like an interesting concept within the One Piece universe. Many fans are still discussing the monumental moment when Luffy’s Devil Fruit experienced its awakening. However, the “Wano” arc has yet to reveal an awakening of its own, or so fans believed, but as we mentioned, this is already something that could have happened off-screen.

The story so far has placed a much stronger emphasis on Haki. Luffy’s training has been to learn a stronger form of Haki. During his fight, Luffy gained the upper hand against Kaido when he learned how to use Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. With Kaido himself stating that Haki is more important than Devil Fruit powers, it’s easy to believe that he actually never tried to awaken his Devil Fruit, instead focusing on perfecting his Haki and the strength of it. . However, thanks to Luffy’s awakening, another alternative is now very possible, which just like him Kaido awakened his devil fruit to his work and effort as the legend his fish is based on.

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