Have you ever wondered what the differences between anime and manga are?

One Piece

Posted by Juliet Faure on .

When you are a fan of a manga, you often wait for its animated adaptation. Seeing his characters come to life before our eyes is magical. But often there are big differences between the two.

When the anime adaptation of our favorite manga is made official, many times we are both excited and very worried. Several questions arise: will the studio respect the original work? Will the teams succeed in capturing the spirit of the series? And when the adaptation is successful, the fans do not hesitate to let it be known. The latest evidence is only around Jelena’s face in season 4 episode 18 from The attack of the Titans. Indeed, fans of the series have found all the pressure, all the horror of the manga in this scene. The attack of the Titans is not the only manga where comparisons fuse. On Twitter, a user by the name of shizuu_mugi started a whole thread on the differences between the manga and the anime of the very popular One Piece.

Big differences between Eiichiro Oda’s manga and the anime

The least we can say is that shizuu_mugi shows quite significant differences. Published on January 18, his thread counts no less than 3,000 likes and 552 retweets. The Twitter user notably reveals that, in the arc Romance Dawn (chapters 1 to 7 and volume 1 of the manga), Luffy, who is still a young child, does not hesitate to stick a knife in his face in order to prove his courage. This gesture will be at the origin of the scar located under his left eye. However, the anime does not show the scene at all, probably considered too violent for a young audience. It’s in the sixth special episode, Luffy Episode: Main Island Adventure, which the anime reveals the origin of the scar under Luffy’s eye.

And that’s not the only difference shizuu_mugi raises. Take for example the story of Nami. The latter was raised alongside Nojiko by Bell-Mère. Very brave, she stood up to Arlong when he decided to invade the village of Kokoyashi. While in the animated Bell-Mère takes a bullet in the chest, the manga is much more violent. Indeed, Arlong does not hesitate to shoot him in the head. It’s not uncommon for differences between the manga and the anime adaptation to exist. Indeed, the two media do not necessarily target the same audience and anime are mostly known for being lighter, due to their general public nature. One Piece is clearly one of the most popular manga, regularly making it into the best selling manga. Still, for fans, it can be hard to come to terms with the differences between manga and anime. And you what do you think ?