Have you seen the 1,000 episodes of “One Piece” and are you still a fan?

After the 1,000 chapters of the manga in january, it’s around the animated series One Piece to reach the symbolic bar of 1,000 episodes. To compare, Dragon Ball has 803 episodes all variations combined, Naruto 720, and Detective Conan nearly 1,030 episodes. Corn One Piece enjoys unparalleled popularity. The proof, the French broadcast of this 1,000th episode on Sunday morning at 9 a.m., in simulcast on DNA and Crunchyroll and exclusively on TV on J-One, was accompanied by a new device, between the marathon
One Piece 1.000 Logs in CGR cinemas in France and Benelux and the Le Log Pose de l’Île Perdue virtual treasure hunt.

“One Piece”, still the best anime of the moment?

Fans were expecting this episode to be perhaps more eventful for the symbol than for its story. It indeed adapts chapters 989-990 of the manga, which is a highlight – the reunion of the Straw Hat crew – of the Wan Land arc and the clash against the super villain Kaido, but not yet. its peak.

Since its launch in 1999 on Fuji TV, One Piece is broadcast weekly, with new stories to save time on the manga to adapt, as well as a dozen feature films, including the next one, One Piece : Red, is expected for next summer. Over the years, the series has faced increased competition, and quality anime, like Demon Slayer Where The attack of the Titans. But the fans are still there, you are still there.

Have you been faithful to the series for twenty years and 1,000 episodes? How did you find it? Before or after the manga? Which version do you prefer? Is there an arc that is clearly above the others for you? What do you think of the current “Le Pays des Wa” arc? What is your favorite episode or moment in the series?