Here are the 4 characters who could defeat Akainu!

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Blackbeard is a very ambitious man and to establish his influence in the world of One Piece, he must show some form of exploitation. Although he got the epithet of Yonko after defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates, including all the commanders except Ace, but it doesn’t equal the league of other Yonkos.
Blackbeard must show the world that he is more important than his current status and the invasion of Baltigo is the realization of this idea.

When fleeing to the New World with his newly recruited crew, he saw Akainu arrive but he did not seek confrontation even though he had the entire crew with him as he performed at Marineford and proclaimed himself the strongest man in the world; when he saw Akainu he said “we are not ready to fight him yet”, which means he planned to fight him one day.



Akainu somehow became infatuated with Dragon. The only reason that made him finish off Luffy in Marineford was the fact that he was the son of Monkey D. Dragon, although it can be said that Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki burst played a part, the being the son of Dragon was most important in his judgment. It only indicates that they have a history, but that we are completely in the dark as to their possible differences.

Who knows, maybe Dragon betrayed the Marines/World Government while pretending to be loyal to Akainu all this time and scared Akainu to the point where he hates Dragon deep inside. .



Ace fought Akainu for Whitebeard’s honor and ended up sacrificing his life for his little brother Luffy. Sabo wants to avenge his brother. He knew he couldn’t do it without Ace’s Devil Fruit, so he waited to get his hands on the Mera Mera no Mi. murderer of his brother.


luffy one piece

After defeating Blackbeard and obtaining the One Piece, Luffy will declare war on the World Government, which Whitebeard had predicted and the World Government was afraid of.

In this fight, Luffy will face Akainu to finish off the Navy.