Here are the best gift ideas if you’re looking to spoil an anime fan

You have, in your entourage, a Japanese animation lover but you don’t know what to give him for Christmas? We have prepared a list of gift ideas for an anime fan.

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The best gift ideas for a big anime fan

Not always easy to find gift idea for an anime fan. You are not an expert in japanese animation but you want to please him without wasting too much time in your research? Discover all our gift ideas to offer for Christmas.

A cartoon poster with Top 100 Japanese Animation

Here’s an anime fan gift idea you can’t go wrong with. This poster of cartoonbrings together the 100 anime to see in his lifetime. You will find narutoDemon Slayer, Funny Bug, Hunter x Hunter… An anime fan will no doubt have already seen several titles present on the poster and will therefore be able to scratch the corresponding boxes. Below are the characters from the corresponding anime. The other boxes should remain hidden for the time being.


Price: €17.08

measuring 42 x 59.4cm, this poster can be hung in a living room or in a bedroom and participate in the interior decoration. It is resistant to water and mold and can therefore be kept for life. Who will be the first to discover all the boxes? It can be a challenge between anime fans.

The Gastronogeek Book – Anime

Thibaud Villanova, better known as Gastronogeek, is a chef, author and pop culture expert. He already has several cookbooks to his credit on various themes. With this gift idea for an anime fan, you will be able to reproduce the best recipes from Japanese animation. the Gastronogeek book – Anime contains 40, it’s a real tribute to this universe!


Price: €24.95

Between traditional recipes, sweet or foodpornyou can savor the same dishes as cult anime characters like tokyo revengeNaruto, Demon Slayer Where My Hero Academia. Enough to make you love your favorite anime even more.

The book 100 Japanese anime series

This second book on the gift list for anime fans is a rich and fun compilation of the greatest anime series in France since the arrival in Grendizer in 1978. This book 100 Japanese Anime Series is a veritable goldmine to learn more about the secrets of production and distribution cult anime.


Price: €29.90

In just 40 years, Japanese animation has succeeded in becoming the world’s leading market in Japan. This book helps to understand the origin and the reasons for this successin Japan, but also in France and around the world.

My Hero Academia sneakers

With those My Hero Academia sneakers feet, you will no longer be able to hide your passion for Japanese animation. These lace-up sneakers are decorated with designs from the anime My Hero Academia on the coast. You will gain popularity while keeping a casual look.

My Hero Academia sneakers. Price: €39.99 Bershka

Made of 100% polyurethane and 100% polyester lining, these sneakers are comfortable to wear and you protect from the cold. The sole is made with 100% thermoplastic rubber, so you can walk for miles without hurting your feet.

A Luffy One Piece tee for anime and manga fans

Continue in the fashion universe with this T-shirt Luffy sign One Piece. Made of cotton, this black T-shirt is highlighted by an ultra-colorful print. All these colors are reminiscent of splattered paint. It’s very original.

One Piece Luffy t-shirt. Price: 22€ To run

The name of the famous One Piece anime appears on the front of the t-shirt and is associated with the crew logo of Luffy. It is printed in white which makes it stand out. This T-shirt can be worn every day and impresses with its colorful and graphic design.

One Piece Skull Luffy Black Braided Leather Bracelet

To continue with the One Piece anime, here is a braided leather bracelet with a Luffy skull motif. Put it on your wrist to show your passion for this famous anime. It is a high quality gift for all fans by One Piece.

Braided leather bracelet. Price: €66.95 Cdiscount

You will appreciate all the leatherwork enhanced by the skull motif, the straw hat team logo. Everything is represented even the red ribbon around the hat! You won’t risk losing your new favorite bracelet thanks to the magnetic closure.

If you feel a bit lost in the world of Japanese animation, these gift ideas for an anime fan should help you see things more clearly. Don’t ask yourself any more questions and opt for these ideas dedicated to Japanese animation enthusiasts.

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