Here is SWORD’s secret goal?

SWORD is the secret special force of the headquarters of the Marines. Its operations consist of undercover missions aimed at monitoring the activity of Four Emperors. However, their overall goals are currently unknown.

So far, we know that SWORD is infiltrating Yonko teams, but we don’t know the specific reason. Did Drake spend all this time undercover with Kaido just to narrowly help in the raid by killing an inferior officer?

Suppose Aokiji is also with SWORD.

What if their goal was to find the One Piece and claim it for the Marines? We find this idea amusing, as it would add a whole new group to the final chase, and it would make sense that Oda saved their reveal for the final saga.

For this reason, infiltrating Yonko crews that have Poneglyphs (Drake and Kaido) is their best chance of achieving this goal, even if it means helping this Yonko get closer to the finish line in the process (Aokiji and Blackbeard). Big Mom’s team can’t be infiltrated because they’re family members, obviously.

Garp sabo luffy ace and dragon

We can refute this by saying that the world government wants to keep the One Piece secreteven for its own officials, because it is bound to the truth of the age of emptiness.

However, the SWORD members we’ve seen so far (including Aokiji) seem to be the few independent thinkers among the Marines. They may have hidden their true purpose from the world government and plan to use the One Piece to cause a schism or overthrow the Five Sages.

This is why we believe that when Luffy inevitably finds the One Piece, they will ally with him, as their goals are now the same.