Here is the comparison of the straw hats of yesterday and today!

The evolution of Eiichiro Oda’s style over the years, from the beginning of the One Piece manga to the present day.

At the start of One Piece, Oda was seen as worried about his art style. At the time, it was more popular to have large-eyed characters than to have the older style of dot-eyed characters. One Piece is also known for its many bizarre and extreme character designs, which have become increasingly mainstream and over the top as the series progresses.

black beard evolution

One Piece’s distinct style has changed a lot over its decade of existence. At first, the series used a lot of thick lines, giving the art a round, bouncy, cartoon-like look. Over time lines have become finer and hatching and shading are now widely used.

evolution shanks

The characters’ features have become looser, to the point that Zoro, for example, can look like a jester in one image and a badass swordsman in the next. Luffy may seem more adult at one point before becoming more childish again later on. This applies to many other characters. Chopper didn’t start out looking as chibi as he does now, although he was always considered cute.

A recent post from a Japanese internet forum user showed the evolution of series creator Eiichiro Oda’s drawing by comparing old images of the Straw Hat Pirates with newer images, side by side.

evolution one piece characters
straw hats in 2019

Unlike the first part, where the art style changed every 100 or so chapters, the second part seems more consistent in its style. In your opinion, which style best reflects the spirit of the series? When in One Piece manga did you enjoy the art style the most?