Here is the reason why Oda decided to face Law and Blackbeard at the beginning of the arc!

In chapter 1061 arc started with vegapunk, probably one of the most important characters when it comes to information about the manga universe. We are going to learn secrets that Oda has accumulated over the years.

However, in chapter 1063 he did something rare, he placed the scene of Blackbeard against Law at the start of the new arc.. This is absolutely not in his habits. The best example is Luffy’s Gear 5, where Oda changes the scene to that of the five Gorosei who praised the Nika’s power, these scenes being related to each other. So you can imagine that Law vs. Blackbeard will also have a connection to the current Vegapunk arc. But in what? We think the answer is obvious.

In Chapter 1064, Law and Blackbeard talk about the pros and cons of the devil fruit. We believe that’s exactly why Oda changed his ways to place the fight between Law and Blackbeard, we will probably learn blackbeard’s secrets and maybe we will learn more about his 3 devil fruits. Oda has already announced that we will learn more about Devil Fruits in this arc.

The originality of Blackbeard and the origin of the fruits of the devil

That’s why Oda doesn’t go off-screen between Law and Teach, because it keeps a connection with the current arc. We’ll probably hear from Vegapunk what makes Teach special, Law will experience this and be defeated by Teach, Teach’s 3 Devil Fruits will likely be presented like this. it’s no coincidence that Oda changed to Law for Blackbeard. This part has a very important meaning when it comes to Devil Fruits and the Vegapunk arc.


In SBS Volume 48, Oda talks about letting a certain teacher appear in the story and explain what devil fruits really are. And we think that’s exactly vegapunk he’s talking about. In this arc we are going to learn what Devil Fruits are, we already have a hint with Law and Teach in Chapter 1064.