Here is the WORST game adapted from One Piece that disappointed fans of the manga

On paper, this game prided itself on offering a unique experience. The result clearly did not convince One Piece fans!

Not all One Piece adaptations are masterpieces

Adapting a manga as popular as One Piece is no small feat. It must be said that the work ofEiichiro Oda won thousands of fans around the world, becoming bestselling manga of all time. Although video game adaptations are unlikely to achieve the same success as the original work, there are still more than 20 games adapted from the adventures of Luffy and his comrades.

From beat ’em ups to open-world RPGs, there’s something for everyone. But when you tackle a license as cult as One Piecethe risk of disappointing die-hard fans of the Straw Hat Pirate is great. One Piece: Grand Cruise is one of those disappointments by being the lowest rated game in franchise history.

The worst One Piece game has been released on PS4

Does it deserve its title of worst game One Piece who exist ? Yes, according to the different opinions of players on the reference site Metacritic. One Piece: Grand Cruise displays the score of 2.7 out of 10. The specialized press is not much more lenient, since the title of Bandai Namco records a score of 35 out of 100.

Released in 2018 on PS4, One Piece: Grand Cruise offers a unique experience in virtual reality in which the player can explore the Thousand Sunny but also interact with the Mugiwaras… and that’s about it. No campaign, no level gain, the game is limited to reproducing some sets from the manga with a handful of uninteresting mini-games. The life of the game is estimated at 1 hour. In short, a very light content for an “adventure” still sold for 10 euros.