Here’s how the story could end for each character!

Luffy: Will he die at the end? We think One Piece mostly tells his and the Straw Hats’ story and while he doesn’t die they all stay together and their story doesn’t really end there. There have also been many hints throughout the series, as he has reduced his lifespan several times.

Zoro: We think Zoro is going to play a kind of Rayleigh role. He will become the strongest swordsman in the world and after Luffy’s death, he will continue his journey alone. He will obviously stay in contact with the other Straw Hats but he will not follow anyone.


Usopp: “The weak don’t have to choose how they die. Well, God Usopp won’t be weak by the end of the story and he will have chosen his ending by chapter 119. We don’t think he will die during the story. Perhaps he will replace Heracles and take care of the Boin Archipelago. So his prophecy would come true and it wouldn’t be sad.


Nami and Sanji: Even though Oda doesn’t write a lot of romance, we think Sanji and Nami will end up together. Sanji will have found the All Blue at the end of One Piece, but Nami’s dream is a bit more complicated. She wants to draw a map of the whole world. This means she will have to travel the world and we believe that Sanji will be by her side. Maybe they’ll even start a family.

sanji married to nami

Brook: It’s the most obvious. He will find Laboon and travel with him.

brook and laboon

Chopper: His dream is to cure all diseases, which is rather impossible, but he will try his best to open a hospital and continue his research. We could see him end up with Milky.

chopper and milky

Franky: Franky will return to Water 7 and work there as a carpenter. He will be known, along with his father Tom, as the man who built the Pirate King’s ship.


Robin: His fate seems less clear. Just like Sanji, she will have realized her dream at the end of One Piece. Maybe she’ll join one of the other Straw Hats. We could see her and Zoro becoming roommates or maybe Franky, who knows?

robin and franky

Jinbe: Fish-Man Island will need all the protection it can get if Luffy falls, and who better than the Sea Knight? Whether the island is still at the bottom of the ocean or on the surface, Jinbe will be there.