“He’s more of a flirt than a simp”: this is how Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ series will prevent Sanji from being a slime

The weekly anime of ‘one piece‘ It continues to grow every week, but in the meantime and in a secrecy that has been going on for a long time, it continues to develop Netflix’s live action remake.

Though Eiichiro Oda has been involved in the creation of the series.those responsible have also promised that there will be some differences with the animeand it seems that not only aesthetically but also these differences will affect the characters a bit.

Updates with the times

The Netflix’s One Piece it will not be a carbon copy of the original, and its showrunner matt owens has already said that they are trying a different approach with their adaptation. We still don’t have many more details, but apparently Sanji is no longer going to be the “simp” of the crew that we know, but he is going to be a little more of a flirtatious womanizer.

“Our Sanji likes to flirt a lot. He loves women and flirting, but… Well, his eyes don’t turn into hearts in the first place. We don’t do that,” Owens said in a recent interview. “But he’s not that simp, he’s more of a flirt than a simp. You can’t lose that part of him, but he’s going to be more subdued.”

As they also say in the interview, It is one more change made to leave Sanji’s slimy facet behind. Of course, this does not mean that Sanji is going to stop trying to flirt with anyone who crosses his path (and being brutally rejected), but it seems he will do it without getting into too disgusting attitudes that can become tiresome and already smell closed.

We will have to see how this ends up being translated on the screen. For now we have not seen the actors characterized, but Taz Skylar has already been training to hit the legendary kicks of the Straw Hat cook.